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eji experiences

eji experiences (pronounced /'edʒiː/ - [edg·y]) is a production company that creates immersive events in unique locations. The mission is to design experiences that invite guests to collectively interact with innovative art and music in unexpected environments. These exciting social experiments not only create lasting memories, but contribute to a more inclusive and elevated community.

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ellyette iverson

owner | event producer

I am a Santa Barbara native with international style, having explored and lived in a variety of vibrant metropolis spaces like New York, DC, San Francisco, San Diego, Athens, Greece and Lima, Peru (to name a few!)

Those spaces provided me with access to a wide range of cosmopolitan trends and art experiences, which I have been eager to share and explore with the Santa Barbara region I call home.

Recent work experience has allowed me to push local event boundaries, with productions that included unique and effective immersions such as  projection map light shows, augmented reality dance performances, on-site 3D printing, DIY laser cutting workshops, and more.

In the summer of 2018 I began simultaneously producing pop-up events in town, transforming a hidden warehouse loft into an Ibiza night club and a beach side community center into a French Diner en Blanc for one night only. These events guided me to better understand my true passion - creating brief magical moments that would be lasting in memories and impactful in the inclusive artistic community they create.

From there, eji experiences was born, and I am beyond thrilled to see what the near future holds.